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 มนต์มายา (เอ๊ะ+จอห์นนี่)

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อิศริยา สายสนั่น - มายาวี
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เดวมาอัพเดทเรื่องย่อนะคะ เรื่องนี้สนุกมากก

Story line English version ^^

maravee's sister recently died and she does not know of the true reason behind it. everyone thinks that she comiited suicide because it looked like she jumped over a building. but maravee will never do such as thing. she only knows that from the last that her sister paid to her she was heartbroken from tanadon's betrayal. maravee's mother and brother also died because of a fire right after her sister's death. maravee was left alone and no where to stay. so her teacher offered her a place to stay at her house. but at the house there is a perverted guy that is their neighbor and one night he goes into her room and tries to rape her but she escapes in time. she runs into the street but is tired ans she faints and she is helped by this lady that is a make-up artist for the stars as well as weddings.

มณฑาดาราสาวชื่อดังตายอย่างมีปริศนา ทุกคนคิดว่าเธอตัดใจสินฆ่าตัวตาย ด้วยการกระโดดตึก ทว่ามายาวีผู้เป็นน้องสาวกลับไม่มีทางเชื่อว่าพี่สาวจะตัดสินใจฆ่าตัวตาย มณฑาส่งเงินให้มายาวีและแม่เป็นครั้งสุดท้าย
พร้อมกับคำบอกเล่าว่าความรักของเธอกับภาราดรคงจะไปไม่ได้ เพราะว่าภาราดรกำลังนอกใจเธอ

พอทราบข่าวการตายของพี่สาว แม่ก็เป็นลมทำให้ไฟไหม้บ้าน เหตุการณ์ครั้งนั้นทำให้แม่และน้องชายของมายาวีตายในกองไฟ เหลือมายาวีเพียงคนเดียว อาจารย์ของมายาวีจึงให้เธอเข้าพักด้วย แต่ทว่าคืนหนึ่งขณะที่อาจารย์ไม่อยู่บ้าน ชายข้างบ้านงัดบ้านเข้ามาพยายามจะข่มขืนมายาวี แต่เธอก็หนีไปได้ มายาวีวิ่งหนีด้วยความกลัว สุดท้ายก็เป็นลมล้มไปที่ถนน พี่เป็ดสาวประเภทสองอาชีพแต่วหน้า เห้นมายาวีนอนอยู่กลางถนนจึงพาไปรักษาตัวที่บ้าน

tanadon is a rising actor and is becoming very popular. his manager is his best friend. they have been through thick and thin together. he loved maravee's sister very much but he never knew what happened to her. his best friend lead him to believe that she had cheated on him. he never let her go though.

ภาราดรเริ่มดังขึ้นเรื่อยๆ ผู้จัดการส่วนตัวของเขาคือเพือนรักของเขาที่โตมาด้วยกัน ภาราดรรักมณฑามาก
เขาไม่รู้เลยว่าทำไมมณฑาถึงได้ตัดสินใจฆ่าตัวตาย เพื่อนรักของเขาพยายามบอกเขาว่ามณทามีคนอื่น

maravee at this time had made up her mind to find the person responsible for her sister's death. she tried many ways to get closer to the truth. tanadon was casted in a new movie but they needed a leading actress and couldn't seem to find the right one. one night they were celebrating another actress [doung--i'm pretty sure that's her name[in the movie]] birthday. she is somewhat involved with tanadon. the writer spotted maravee and knew that she was the one that fit the role of the actress in her movie. maravee wanting to get closer to the murderer decided to audition for the role. she was having trouble putting emotion into her role but tanadon came. the director had her audition with him and the role that she was playing fit the storyline of herself ad tanadon and she was supposed to salp him and she took that cahnce to really slap him. everyone around was amazed at how real it looked and they hired her and tanadon just stared at her in curiousity at to why she really did slap him.

so she began her training to become and actress and she always showed her hatred towards tanadon. tanadon on the other hand could care less cause he did not know why and what he did to make her hate her. he stayed away from her as much as possible.

finally it was time to start filming the movie and they shot whenever they could and their were these old guys that always sleeps with the new actress that hits the entertainment industry. she was tricked into going to see one of them but tanadon was there to warn her on time. and he took her home. at this time there is a police officer that knew who she was before she became an actress. she tried to avoid him at first but he could help her get closer to her sister's murderer. there was also a reporter that wanted to get closer to the truth of the murder also. he was the only one that was able to get pictures of her sister after she jumped off the building.

as time went on maravee started to take much more notice in tanadon. she decided that the only way that she would find out more information is to get closer to tanadon as possible. so she started to get closer to him and he was begining to fall in love with her. she too was falling for him but she would not admit it to herself.

on the other hand the cop that knew her was also in love with her and he knew that tanadon was not truly responsible for her sister's death but her continued to mislead maravee to believe that tanadon was the one that killed her sister.

they were almost done shooting the movie and they went to their final shoot place. which was out in the country somewhere. at that time doung was also noticed tanadon's and maravee's relationship and she wanted to ger rid of maravee. so she helped this old guy get maravee. she drugged maravee's drink and when she fainted she let the old guy take maravee into her room. fortunantly maravee woke up on time. she fought with the old guy and she ran to tanadon. this exact thing happened to maravee's sister before tanadon and her sister started to fall in love. this is where tanadon confessed that he has fallen for her. she could not help herself and went along with it.

the reporters were also there and they found out about someone's attempt to rape maravee and so they wanted sources so they went to her but tanadon and herself had already left. maravee also started to tell tanadon things about her sister that he never even heard of. like him paying her off to get an abortion. and the fact that her sister was pregnant. he denied everything and she was about to blow up but got a call. he became confused and went to talk to his best friend and found out that his best friend was he one that paid her sister off to get an obortion.

doung wanted maravee gone and so she tried to run over maravee. but maravee recovered and tanadon was right by her side. soon after he proposed to her and he agreed wanting to give him the suprise of his life on their wedding day. at this time his best friend was starting to notice the resemblance between her and her sister. he also started to get background info on her.

anyway on their wedding day she was going to reveal her true indentity to him but his best friend beat her to it. tanadon refused to believe that maravee was who he said she was. his best friend also revealed that he was the one that killed her sister. she barged in and started to yell at him. she also told tanadon who she was and tanadon went into a stage of shock. just as his best friend tried to hit maravee. tanadon blocked it and was hit with an iron. his head bleeded and his best friend took her to the roof. he as going to throw her off the building but tanadon came in time. he started to walk towards his best friend while his best friend started to walk backwards. they keep doing this until they reached the egde and his best friend jumped off. tanadon was arrested and maravee knew where her heart truly laid.

tanadon thought about his relationship with his best friend and felt responsible. tandon's court date came up and he confessed that he was the one that killed everyone. maravee cried her eyes out at the dibelief that he confessed to the murders. he was sentenced to ten years in jail. she went to talk to him and his only response was 'isn't this what you wanted'

she removed herself from showbiz and opened a restaurant out on the beach. time passed and she always wrote to him but he never answered. she also stayed single. at this same time tanadon never stopped loving her. about 9 years passed and tanadon was let out early. the only person who knew was the cop that liked maravee tanadon asked him not to tell anyone. soon maravee found out and she wanted to know where he was.

they were finishing up another movie and they invited her go along. it was at a farm and she felt like she didn't fit in so she went to look around. she saw someone and she asked him a question and as the person turned around it turned out to be tanadon. he started to walk away from her and she went after him but she twisted her ankle. he went to help her and she started to apologize to him and confess her love for him. his only response was that he had forgotten all about them. he left her their and she knew that there was nothing left in thailand for her. so she decided to leave for america to go live with the make-up lady that she used to live with.

tanadon was also informed about it and he refused to do anything. the reason was that he felt responsible for maravee being alone. he was a reason for her sister's death as well as her brother and mother. then there was also his best friend. so on the day that she was supposed to leave she went to get something that she forgot. which was a framed picture of him and her. when she was gone he came and when she came back she stopped in suprise. her friends walked to her and pushed her towards him. he said to her 'would you mind if i changed the storyline of the movie of out lives' she hugged him and they shared a kissed.

the end

เรื่องราวของมายาวี ที่เข้าวงการบันเทิงเพื่อมาสืบหาความจริงเกี่ยวกับตายของพี่สาว...
เธอเชื่อว่าภาราดร ดาราดังแห่งยุคคู่ขวัญและแฟนพี่สาวเธอ เป็นต้นเหตุและ
ที่ทำให้พี่สาวของเธอตัดสินใจฆ่าตัวตาย ความจริงที่รอคอยมายาวีค้นหา....

เด๋วมาแปลต่อนะฮะโหะๆ ยาวซะ


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เอ๊ะดำมาเรื่องนี้ฮ่าฮ่า แต่เนือเรื่องสนุกดี
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มนต์มายา (เอ๊ะ+จอห์นนี่)
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